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Approved Persons Regime (APR1Y)
a. FCA Compliance Courses
Approved Persons Regime (APR1Y)
Description Approved Persons Regime awareness course for all members of firms NOT subject to the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) which came into effect on 7 March 2016, applying to banks, building societies, credit unions and...
Business Ethics (BEH120)
b. Financial Regulation & Compliance
Business Ethics (BEH120)
Our Business Ethics Online courses can help you build a positive influence on all facets of business. Modeling a robust ethical approach to business interactions will positively impact anyone who has dealings with the...
Blockchain Overview: Business Foundations (BFBTA120)
g. Cybersecurity, Big Data, AI & Blockchain
Blockchain Overview: Business Foundations (BFBTA120)
Description This free training course provides a general overview of Blockchain technology and will cover: The Basics of Blockchain, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Why use Blockchain, Decentralised Networks and Ledgers, Types of Blockchain,...
CASS Introduction (CASSH120)
a. FCA Compliance Courses
CASS Introduction (CASSH120)
Description A short online e-learning primer aimed as an introductory overview for those encountering Client Money and Client Assets for the first time, and for those working in firms that do not hold or control client money or safe custody...
Anti-Bribery and Corruption (CBI_ABC2Y)
f. CBI Compliance Courses
Anti-Bribery and Corruption (CBI_ABC2Y)
Anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation globally has existed for some time, though enforcement is becoming more aggressive. There is heightened regulatory focus on how insurers obtain and retain business within emerging markets where bribery...
Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CBI_AML2Y)
f. CBI Compliance Courses
Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CBI_AML2Y)
This course provides staff with an understanding of the process of money laundering, the laws and regulations that make it illegal, and the responsibilities of employees to help detect and prevent it. Group rates available! Contact us...
Market Abuse (CBI_MAR2Y)
f. CBI Compliance Courses
Market Abuse (CBI_MAR2Y)
Market abuse may arise in circumstances where financial market investors have been unreasonably disadvantaged, directly or indirectly, by others who: have used information which is not publicly available. Group rates available! Contact us here...
Certificate in KYC and CDD (CERTKYCCDD)
e. IGCA Qualifications
Certificate in KYC and CDD (CERTKYCCDD)
A key concern and significant risk for financial institutions remain the possibility of unknowingly becoming complicit in money laundering actions, where illegitimate money is moved into legitimate institutions. In order to mitigate such risk,...
Compliance Introduction (CI1Y)
a. FCA Compliance Courses
Compliance Introduction (CI1Y)
Compliance involves the efforts and programs of an organization to ensure that the business complies with government and industry regulations. If your organization is subject to a compliance scheme, it means your business is bound, by contract or...
CISI Global Financial Compliance (CISIGCF1808H120)
c. CISI Professional Qualifications
CISI Global Financial Compliance (CISIGCF1808H120)
Description Global Financial Compliance will provide you with a broad understanding of the compliance issues that arise within the financial services sector. The course addresses techniques used to implement a successful compliance function in...