SoftSkills® Certificates

Work Ethics Certificate® (WETC)

Certificate Overview:
It’s a fast-paced business world. And, in order to thrive at work, employees need to develop the skills that will make them more determined to reach their business goals. In other words, they need a strong work ethic.

This course collection will help everyone boost all the skills needed for a strong work ethic: from being punctual and meeting deadlines, to avoiding distractions and staying motivated. They will also learn to work effectively under pressure and improve their time management skills.

Courses (Duration - 10 min each):
1.Being Punctual (WET01)
2.Meeting Deadlines (WET02)
3.Multitasking and Being Organized (WET03)
4.Self-Management (WET04)
5.Time Management (WET05)
6.Working Under Pressure (WET06)
7.Persistence and Resilience (WET07)
8.Avoiding Distractions (WET08)
9.Staying Motivated (WET09)
10.The Importance of Planning (WET10)

Once you complete the above courses you will receive you Certificate of Completion.
  • Introduction
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed