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Cybersecurity Essentials Certificate® (CYBSEC)

Certificate Overview:
Our daily lives have changed dramatically since our use of technology has increased. Unfortunately, what it means to be “stolen from” has changed as well. Thieves no longer have to pickpocket us, or break into our homes to grab our valuables. By stealing our data, they can access our personal profiles, our credit cards or bank accounts, and even our identities. But fear not, there are ways to protect yourself.

1. The Power of a Strong Password - Duration 10 minutes
How many times have you opened a new app and typed the same password you’ve had since forever? And if it doesn’t accept it, you say, “Ok, I’ll add a 1 on the end. A capital letter? Fine. Now it wants to recommend a password too?

2. The Danger of Viruses and Malware - Duration 10 minutes
There are lots of sci-fi classics about dystopian futures where the human race is enslaved by the technology it has created. All of this used to sound implausible, but take one look at social media today and you’ll see we’re not that far...

3. Keeping Your Data Safe - Duration 10 minutes
There are currently over 4.5 billion internet users. That’s a mind-boggling amount of people creating data – no wonder the internet is called the “information superhighway.” With every webpage you visit, you leave a digital footprint.

4. Keeping Your Mobile Safe - Duration 10 minutes
Who could have predicted that the sum total of all knowledge in the world would be accessible through a tiny device that we all keep in our pockets? Even fewer could’ve predicted that we only seem to use it to watch cute kitty videos.

5. The Risks of Ransomware - Duration 10 minutes
It’s been a stalwart of movie plots since cinema began: Bad guy kidnaps the love interest of the main protagonist, demands an impossible ransom, and hero has to try and save the day.

6. Network Security and Cloud Computing - Duration 10 minutes
Would you leave your house without first checking that all windows and doors are locked? Of course you wouldn’t, unless you live in a magical dreamland. Maybe you have a strong alarm system or motion detectors in place, too.

7. Phishing and Anti-Spam Software - Duration 10 minutes
Ever received an email from your bank which seems to be legit but, well, there’s something off about it? Maybe it starts with, “Dear valued customer” instead of using your name?

8. Social Engineering - Duration 10 minutes
“You must trust and believe in people, or life becomes impossible.” So said the famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov. And, well, he had a point. Without trust, we wouldn’t form friendships or relationships.

9. Internet of Things Attacks - Duration 10 minutes
Imagine a world where you can feed your cat or dog remotely via your cell phone and the thermostat is set to your ideal, toasty temperature. Wait a minute – we already live in that world! Yep, the future, aka the Internet of Things, is here!

10. Security and Compliance Audits - Duration 10 minutes
Risk is everywhere. Just by having your morning shower, you risk getting shampoo in your eyes and being temporarily blinded by soapsuds. But it isn’t just humans who are at risk. Computer networks are also highly vulnerable and susceptible...

11. Identity Theft - Duration 10 minutes
Considering there’s over 7 billion people in the world, it’s pretty amazing that no 2 people have been found to have the same fingerprint. Even between identical twins! This just goes to show that our identities are completely and utterly different.

12. GDPR - Duration 10 minutes
Do you ever think about your data? Like who’s got it, and what they might do with it? Y’know, bank details, shoe size, places you visit, restaurants you like to eat at? Someone somewhere will have at least some of that information.

13. Data Protection - Duration 10 minutes
These days, pretty much every industry uses and stores some kind of data, so you need to think very carefully about how to protect it.

14. Data Breaches - Duration 10 minutes
Data is the most prized resource in the world and is far more valuable than money, precious metals, or even oil. It’s no wonder then, that so many criminals seek to steal it. Every hour of every day, hackers and cybercriminals attempt to breach...

15. PCI DSS (Payment Card Compliance) - Duration 10 minutes
Paying with plastic. It’s great, isn’t it? So quick, so easy, and so secure. Except when it’s not. As a vendor, there are things you need to get right to ensure that credit card and other online payments are secure.

16. Information Security - Duration 10 minutes
Infosec. It sounds mysterious, right? Like something supersecret spies deal with while sitting in darkened rooms.

Once you complete the above courses you will receive you Certificate of Completion.

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